The Realm of Mu

Nobody knows how old the realm of Mu is, but if legends are true, it existed before time. A truly eternal place. What is known is that very few have visited this realm, and what they’ve reported experiencing is inexplicable. As though so overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, people find it difficult to retain any memory of their visit…

The realm consists of many fluid layers. Comprised of what man believes to be nothing short of a manifestation from the mind of a God. The Realm is guarded by what are called ‘Bridgers’. Supernatural entities who guide others through this energy realm.



Energy Sculptor

Although born on Earth, Beervangeer’s home is not on Earth’s physical plane of existence, but a permanent resident in Mu. Only by sculpting energy can Beervangeer  teleport between these alternate realms, from earth like planets to cybernetic matrices…

This Energy Sculptor, Bridger, and sworn defender over the realm of Mu has the power to utilize energy for materialization. Not just of his own form, but physical matter as well.

His ‘Bridging’ abilities allow him to identify bright-souls across realms, to enlighten those worthy to the realm of Mu. To potentially become Energy Sculptors themselves…


Meta Architect

His strong connection with the spirits of the natural planes enables him to transform matter and energy into structures. These structures take on the shape of crystalline temples that are are connecting different planes of existence to The Realm of MU. These sacred places
are areas to connect, share and create.


The relics are items created and used by the MU characters. They are tools to travel between different planes of existence and fight of evil to defend the Realm of Mu. Once arrived at The Forge in Mu, these relics can be utilised to get acces to new parts of The Realm or create new Special Relics.




HyperHash’s are typical MU technologies. They make it possible to communicate between realms in a way that we on earth have never seen before. Multi-sensorial Telepatic Communication of the finest quality.

Made by Beervangeer
Minted 369/369


To become an Energy Sculptor, you first have to find your way into MU. Once arrived, an extensive period of trials will test your capabilities for earning the right to be an Energy Sculptor.

Made by Beervangeer
Minted 369/369

Story Cards

Mu is an evolving myth, constantly in motion. The Bridger’s only occasionally reveal information about Mu among planetary realms. The information that is transported to Earth is documented in what are called “Story Cards”. These cards are stored in an immutable place called Ethereum. This assures the vital information will stand up to the test of time. It is said that these StoryCards are actually keys to the gate of Mu.
Could this be the secret to entry?



The Gate, the first contact with the Realm… To find the gate is not easy, but to get through it is even harder. Letting go of yourself and your fears is the only way to make it to the other side.

Made by Sander Bos

The Realm of MU in all it’s glory. Our minds can only get a glimpse of the beauty that’s inside. Around it’s core you will find endless dimonesionality, creatures, languages & worlds to exist.

Made by XanderBos

Once inside the first level of MU, one can find a Forge in the center of it. The Forge is as hot as a trillion sun’s. This is a place where Relics get formed, special technologies that can only be seen in MU, from teleportation devices to healing technologies.

Made by Sander Bos



The Realm of MU is an ongoing Meta Media project, being expanded on the Ethereum blockchain. The Realm function’s as a research playground for development of Meta Media concept’s and technologies.

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