A deep dive into
the subconsiousness mind of Beervangeer.


The field is a work inspired by the current trend in image synthesis made possible by machine learning technology. The latent spaces (the algorithmic structures that make AI image synthesis possible) can be seen as a part of our human collective unconsciousness; a hyper dimensional field of unlimited outcomes, inspired by our human symbols and language.

Exploring this new type of space, it sparked the idea of exploring the algorithmic essence of my own artworks. What would the structure behind my creative processes look like? What if I could visualize the algorithmic structures of my own mind that produced my artworks in the past?

These questions led me to The Field, a multidimensional machine hiding in my subconscious.


The first step to reach The Field, was to capture the algorithmic structure behind all my artworks. By compressing several hundred artworks from HyperHash, EnergySculpture, UltraWave & HashCrash into a 64X64 matrix, a noise image has been created.This was done by adding up all these works together.

This noise image I call The Generator was the starting point to explore possibilities for the creation of a new work. This 64×64 matrix filled with noise data was embedded in the source of the piece and functions as the core of The Field algorithm.



The Generator is being transformed into a multidimensional field of colors and motion, called The Field. The motions of the field relate to natural processes of creation and destruction. The field is like a fluid, solid and gas-like structure at the same time. It goes from a noisy formless state to a solid material state and back.

The field is created in a few steps. First a 2d noise pattern is being created from The Generator. This 2d pattern is made by picking random points from the 64×64 matrix. This is the fundamental background of the Field.

The second step is to use this pattern to set the field in motion. By using the color data per pixel, movement is being initiated. The colors are in that sense multifunctional, on one hand it visualizes random colors extracted from The Generator on the other hand the colors are used to set the field in motion and showing the interrelationship between the colors in an extra dimension: time. This creates the 3D effects, but also creates the effect of lighting bouncing in the field.




The creation of the field felt for me like a form of regression. Reviewing the concepts of my previous work, thinking about what overlapped in terms of topics conceptually and design wise drew me back in time.

The main topic this work represents is the cyclical nature of creation and destruction. By revisiting my old works and literally destroying them, this new work was created. In this way the work reflects on the causal relation between creation and destruction (what’s created will someday be destroyed, something has to be created to be destroyed). A universal essence of our causal reality behind all that is, a balance between forces, from light to dark, from warm to cold, from dry to wet, from finite to infinite.

This theme of creation and destruction is visible quite literally in The Field. Every mint of The field has a unique position in the field with color filtering added on top. The locations in the field are composed of either creational vortices (expanding spirals) and destructional vortices(contracting spirals), a combination of the two in a balanced state (order) or a combination of the two in an unbalanced state (chaos).

The positions and coloring are a combination of hand-picked settings by me and totally random settings generated by the hash input from the token.


Parts of the field suck up anything they will encounter. A black hole is nothing compared to these destroyers.


The field is a act of balance, where there is destruction, there must also be creation.

Every artwork is a unique position in the field with its own unique motion, colors and shape characteristics. A state between, creation, destruction, order & chaos.


When Destruction and Creation befriend, order is the trophy. Orderly places are warm and calm. But bading too long in the pleasure of stability creates a sense of longing, a longing for chaos.


When Destruction and Creation collide, disbalance is activated. A state of chaos, turbulence and unrest. Dangerous but exciting.



Regressing back in time led me to visions of a place in my early childhood. A place that always stayed with me as inspiration.This place I visited was between waking state and dreaming, it has many colors and indescribable shapes. Being there gives a sense of calm and serenity, it feels like home; a place of origin. 

This sense of origin and belonging translates in The Field, it induces a sense of calm and familiarity when looking at it for a few minutes. It’s like a safe womb in a turbulent universe. The setup of this work tries to mimic this feeling of nostalgia and sense of familiarity. I tried to translate this into the feel of the lighting, the motions and the color settings.


The original colors of The Field without color filtering.


(HAND PICKED) Nostalgical Magic.


(HANDPICKED) As white as silk.


(HANDPICKED) Sweet as candy.


(HANDPICKED) Grandma’s leather couch.


Random RGB values created from the input hash.


(HAND PICKED) Colorless beauty.


(HAND PICKED) Purple dreams of joy.


(HAND PICKED) Lighting bright.


(HANDPICKED) Greetings from dimension X.


Random HUE changed by the input hash.


(HAND PICKED) The calmth of the deep blue ocean.


(HAND PICKED) Lush jungle vibes.


(HAND PICKED) Etheric juicyness.


  • By pressing the buttons a,s,w,d you can move through the field.
  • By pressing L you can activate LavaMode.
  • By scrolling you can zoom in and out.



This piece has to be viewed fullscreen on a pc or laptop with a decent gpu and decent sized screen.


369 pieces releasing Jan 4, 2023, 1pm ET on ArtBlocks, auction with resting price of 0.369ETH.