Beervangeer is a studio for development for interactive media design with focus on exploration of human consciousness.


A Tribe of symbolic, supernatural objects using heart rhythm data .


Ademruimte is a interactive meditation space focussing on breathing exercises through interactive light and sound. 

Resonance Room

A collaboration project with designer Nick Verstand  for the Museum of the Mind in Haarlem, the Netherlands. A combination of biofeedback, lasers, 3d sound and vibrating technology.


Orbee is a interactive pillow that measures subtle vibrations like breathing. The pillow connects to interactive game worlds that let disabled people interact. The project is currently running at healthcare institute de Parabool in the Netherlands. In collaboration with Sensoree.


BioDome is a geodesic dome installation with 360 degree projection technology. User’s can interact with their heart rate by breathing exercices, creating generative visuals and sound. Interaction is based on heart rate coherence breathing techniques.

Piece for Heart & Vibrations

Piece for Heart and Vibration is a interplay between a harp player (Gwyneth Wentink) and a generative piece of projected light and sound. The live piece is a synergy of live generated visuals and sounds generated by the players heart and the harp being played.

Generative Art

Several generative art collections released as NFT  on ArtBlocks, Plottables, BlockArt and Bright Moments.


Spiegelstem is a ongoing research project in collaboration with Monobanda about interaction with the voice. Design of interactive spaces for children to unload their anger and unrest. By releasing tension through voice expression, children can make interactive drawings that represent their current state of being.


Multi-Sensory reality cabinets, equipped with programmable actuators for heat, wind, airflow, tremble, light- and sound effects. Sensiks offers a wide range of applications for mental health and wellbeing, education, storytelling, research and content creation.


Dagaz is the first neurofeedback application developed by Beer. The app where it all started…
By getting in to a meditative state, users can draw mandala figures with their minds. The application works with the neurosky MindSet.

The Realm of MU

Collaboration project with Sander Bos. Exploring possibilities of utilzing nft technology in interactive game-like narratives.


A custom developed device made of interactive ledlights, sounds and a touch interface called Biossilator. The Biosillator works with a cusom heart rate sensor that connects to generative light and sound patterns through biofeedback.


First game by Beer van Geer developed in Unity. The game works together with a HeartLive heartrate sensor. The game trains people to achieve what is called heartrate coherence.

Deep Nemo Museum

Deep is a meditation game developed by Monobanda studio. The deep version presented at Nemo Museum Amsterdam is a standalone interactive installation, that let’s visitors interact with a game environment through deep belly breathing.

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